Can I attend the building inspection?
Yes you can attend the Building Inspection with the Vendors permission, however, to enable us to carry out the inspection thoroughly, we would prefer if you have any questions that you ask them before the inspection commences and then once the inspection is complete, we are more than happy to answer all questions and or concerns.
Do you carry out Pest Inspections?
Yes we do. Pest Inspections can coincide with the Building Inspection, Contact us today for a free quote.
What kind of building inspection should I have?
We have 2 levels of structural inspection Basic and Comprehensive.
Why should I use David Elder to Do a Building Inspection?
David Elder has more than 40 years in the building industry and will provide a professional and informative report going above and beyond to ensure your next purchase is hassle free.
Will you arrange access to the property?
Once we have received your Pre-Inspection Agreement you will need to provide us with the Real Estate Agents contact details, We will then arrange with the Agent access to the property and an appropriate date and time to perform the inspection.
Will there be any photographs in the Building Inspection Report?
Yes, it is important to us to supply photographic evidence of any findings that may be of concern to you.
Will you enter the roof space?
We will enter the roof space if there is sufficient and safe access. We find a lot of roof spaces can be restricted by Insulation and Air-Conditioning Ducting, However Photographic Evidence will be provided in the Building Inspection Report should the roof space be inaccessible.
How will I receive my Building Inspection Report?
The Building Inspection Report will be sent to your nominated Email address in PDF Format upon receipt of payment. At your request can also email the Building Inspection Report to your Real Estate Agent and Settlement Agent.
How long will I have to wait for my Building Inspection Report?
The Building Inspection report will be completed within 24 hours of the inspection and emailed upon receipt of payment.
Have you got Insurance?
Yes, We hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.
How much does a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection cost?

A Pre-Purchase Building inspection starts from $330.00 inc GST. An accurate quotation can be provided if the address or description of the property can be supplied. Contact us on 0499 826 889 for a quotation.

Would you buy the property?
Please don’t ask me this question, my circumstances are/may be quite different to yours. I have been in the Construction Industry for more than 40 years, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen or that would scare me off.

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