Staged New Construction Inspections including PCI

Stage 1. Pre-Slab.
(This inspection will only take place when the slab preparation is carried out the day before the slab is poured.) Inspect: Location and Height of slab/Pad within block, Footings, Membranes and Reinforcing Steels installed as per Standards and Engineers Details.

Stage 2. Slab Inspection
(This inspection can be carried out the day after pouring of a slab, but prior to any loading of bricks or soils from drainage works) Inspect for: Overall dimensions, Level, square, Quality of finish in relation to scheduled floor finishes, Plumbing and Electrical set out. As per Australian Standard, AS 2870.

Stage 3. Wall Plate single story.
Overall internal and external dimensions are as detailed, quality of workmanship. As per Australian Standard, AS 3700.

Stage 4. Roof Framing
(Inspection carried out whilst scaffold or edge protection is in place.) Inspection to ensure the roof framing has been carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1684.

Stage 5. Lock Up
Functionality of doors and windows, standard of workmanship, roof cover quality. Includes the inspection of Wet Area Waterproofing.

Stage 6. Practical Completion
Inspection reporting on the following: Defects, incomplete works, functionality of cabinets, fixtures and fittings and the quality of finishes, both internal and externally to ensure they have been installed in accordance with the BCA and Australian Standards. Inspection does not include Common areas.

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